21 Sep

Thanks to National Lottery funding, I have been able to give free Shiatsu treatments to a few people recovering from stroke, 2 in the supported living residence I attend every Wednesday and 1 in Atlantis, Alan whom video testimonial I am sharing with you in this post.

One client in the residence had the stroke 17 years ago and was told by a doctor he will never walk or talk again, he has done some great work all this time yet he didnt have any movement on his left side, we started Shiatsu treatments 5 months ago where he has been attending religiously to the sessions, a few weeks into it, his foot started gainign its life back, he was feeling sensations and was very encouraged by it all, he can move his foot now and is standing and giving a few steps. it is very exciting to contribute to  this!.

When I use Movement Shiatsu,  I apply the  forms of touch created by Bill Palmer : bone touch, fascia touch, front door touch, valuing touch and dancing touch. More than techniques these forms of touch main idea is that "the way in which you contact a person is as important, or even more important, than the meridians with which you choose to work *Bill Palmer.

 I am certain that the wonderful results we are getting are because they are learning a lot abut their bodies through Movement Shiatsu that gives them the space to explore and empower themselves within this experience. 

Well done for your hard work Alan, I am proud of you, happy to work with you and very happy that Movement Shiatsu is helping you.


Alan video testimonial

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