Founder- Director - Lead Massage Therapist

I started learning Zen Shiatsu in 2004 in London after I had a wonderful healing experience receiving a treatment. Now, 20 years later, I have learnt also Movement Shiatsu with Bill Palmer, one of the pioneers of Shiatsu in UK, I am actually teaching and I work regularly with people with all sort of disabilities, mental health and chronic conditions, helping them to have a better quality of life. I have also studied REIKI, Mindfulness, Sports Massage, Universal Tao with Mantak Chia, Tantra and Shamanism. I use the Movement Shiatsu approach and fusion Oriental Medicine with Western Medicine.


Director / Massage Therapist

A passion for massage and wellbeing stems from several years of personal experience going through the medical system, and professional experience, learning that an office does not promote a healthy way of life. Since 2019, I decided to dedicate myself to this field to complement my interest in helping others struggling with modern conditions. Whether it be sleeping concerns, hormonal imbalances or burn out, I aim to adapt my practice to your needs and wellbeing goals. ​ I aspire to provide each client with an experience that exceeds expectation and creates a space needed for oneself on a regular basis. Listening, empathy and understanding is also a key part of building a rapport with my clients. I like to set a high standard for what a professional mobile therapist looks like and the ability to allow you to relax and also be open is an important part of the journey. ​ In my spare time, you can find me practicing salsa or pole dancing. ​ If mobile massage doesn't suit you, I am also available to book at Atlantis Spiritual Centre in Crews Hill upon request. I look forward to hearing from you.


Shiatsu & Acupressure Practitioner/Massage Therapist

Aitan, a highly qualified Shiatsu and JSD®️ body-mind Acupressure Therapist and Teacher, adopts a person-focused approach in their practice, incorporating techniques such as mindfulness, self-hypnosis, and trance. With over 15 years of experience, this QiGONG practitioner is deeply passionate about aiding individuals in preventing and recovering from high anxiety levels, stress & depression, aiming to restore immediate benefits to their mental and emotional well-being, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of “Qi” and balance in the body. Focusing on the identification and release of key acupoints, Aitan works towards freeing them from blockages, which are akin to the trigger points in Acupuncture. These blockages are viewed as sources of pressure and emotional entrapment, forming a metaphorical armor created by emotional pain and muscular tension. Aitan’s sessions are characterized by a compassionate and warm presence, often recognized by clients as akin to Reiki energy.

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